Rigging the Flying Junior
Step 1: Dress fashionably. Dress comfortably. Dress early.
Step 2: Undo the trailer strap

Step 3: Screw in drain plug. Make sure yellow plugs in side compartments.

Step 4: Remove mast bungees (criss-cross stern bungies, sail ties holding wires in place). Leave sail ties in boat. Untie bow painter from trailer.
Step 5: Connect (if not already connected) the forestay to the second most-forward hole in the bow cleat.
Step 6: (Optional: tie the white trash float to the top of the mast). Step the mast by standing the mast up abeam the boat, then lift into mast foot cleat.
Step 7: Connect the side stays by removing the split rings.
Step 8: Unhook the trapeze retention bungees.
Step 9: Hook the trapeze retention bungees to the small metal loop inside the big metal loop.
Step 10: Lay the main along the starboard gunwale. Make sure the cunningham grommet is closest to the bow.
Step 11: Put the 3 battens in the mainsail. Observe 'upper', 'middle', and 'lower' markings on the battens.
Step 12: Slide the foot of the mainsail into the boom, front to aft.
Step 13: Connect the outhaul to the clew of the mainsail.
Step 14: Slip the end of the boom onto the pin attached to the mast.
Step 15: Thread the cunningham up through the cunningham grommet, then back down and attach to the mainsail mast attachment pin while inserting through the grommet at the foot of the sail. May need to loosen the outhaul.
Step 16: Attach the main halyard to the head of the mainsail.
Step 17: Thread the mainsail into the track in the mast (just barely).
Step 18: Cleat in the fork with the knot tied in the main halyard and bungee temporarily. Clip the paddle to the hiking strap. Clip the drink holders to the boat.
Step 19: Connect the boom vang to the boom.
Step 20: Lay the jib along the bow.
Step 21: Connect the foot of the jib to the second from aft bow cleat.
Step 22: Connect the jib halyard to the head of the jib.
Step 23: Bungee the jib to the forestay.
Step 24: Run the jib sheets outside of the side stays, run them into the forward cleats, and tie stopper figure 8s (like a kringle) at the very end of each jib sheet. Do not cleat.
Step 25: Cleat the centerboard in the up position (the lower line). Make sure the mainsheet and jib sheets are run all the way out. Note: the upper line is the cunningham and the middle line is the 'down' centerboard line.
Step 26: Get dressed, including the harness.
Step 27: Wonder where you left the rudder. Attach it if you happened to have had the foresight to bring it along.
Step 28: At least there was no wind while the rudder sat in the front yard.