Alan Needs Your Bone Marrow!

Due to the efforts of people like you, I found a donor and had a transplant (please see "Latest News" for details!). My webmaster and I plan to restructure this website accordingly in the future. Apologies for taking so long to do this!

Site first created July 1997, last updated December 10, 2000.

The following appeal was written in July 1997.


Hello. My name is Alan Kuo. I have only three months left to live, according to my doctors. Only someone like you can save me. This is why:Alan

I have leukemia, a cancer of the blood. The only known cure for this disease is a bone marrow transplant. Without it I will die. To receive a transplant, I must find a tissue-matched donor. Because tissue type varies by ethnicity, my matching donor will most likely be found among people like myself, people of Asian descent - like you. So far, I have not found a matching donor.

This is why I am appealing to you, a fellow Asian, to ask for your help. You and your friends can make the difference between life and death for me, as well as for others present and future who suffer from this cancer. It takes just fifteen minutes of your time, a simple blood test will determine if you are my match. Please help save my life by registering with your local marrow donor program.

My parents are immigrants from China and Taiwan, and I love them and my sister Zenda dearly. My family has pushed me to study hard at Harvard and to earn my PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; I am presently doing biomedical research at the University of California at San Francisco, a premier medical center which is also treating my leukemia. I am sad that my promising career is being prematurely terminated by a random disease. I am far more saddened by the possibility of being separated forever, in as little as three months, from my family, from my many friends, and from my dear Ako. And I wish more than anything to continue enjoying this blessing we call Life.

Please browse my website to learn more about bone marrow donation and how to register. You can also meet me, my loved ones, and my leukemia at this website. You might also find some sadness and some happiness here. Thank you for taking the time to visit my web page, and I hope you will be able to register as a bone marrow donor.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please e-mail my parents James and Joyce, my sister Zenda, or my soulmate Ako. Or you can sign the guestbook.

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story broadcast on msnbc's "The Site" has been hosted on their web site and includes the video! Thanks ZDTV!

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